Car Insurance in Chicago and Illinois Liability Limits

The purpose of liability car insurance in Chicago is to put a level of protection between you and financial loss that could happen as a result of an auto accident.

Anytime you get behind the wheel of a car you have a substantial possibility of having a loss due to damage to someone’s person or property.

With liability protection, the insurance company will then indemnify you, or cover you, for that loss to set limits. In the state of Illinois, the limits are 20,000 for person, 40,000 per accident, and $15,000 for property damage.

Once you have those limits established, number one you are now in compliance with state law, which is important because you don’t want to get pulled over and get a ticket for driving without insurance Chicago.

Secondly, in the event of a loss, you know that there’s protection there against financial disaster because if you had a $40,000, $50,000 loss, that’s a lot of money out of your pocket.

With liability protection, you have that cushion, that comfort of knowing that there’s a Chicago Il insurance company standing behind you protecting you and your money.

Tow Truck Insurance Requirements

First of all, let’s start with someone who does not need to file tow truck insurance with the Illinois Congress Commission. If you don’t, in which case you only need to meet the city and state requirements, that would be 500,000, combined single limit, for auto liability insurance Chicago.

The second category would be garage liability. This is a general liability policy, covering your company. Let’s say, for example, as we go to do a tow, the vehicle could perhaps fall off the lift, and hurt someone standing next to you. That would be covered under the $500,000, or half million dollar limit for liability, or what we call progressive trucking insurance garage liability.

The third part would be car-on-hook coverage. This protects the actual vehicle that you’re towing. So, in the event that you’re hooked up to a vehicle, take a right turn and cut it too close. The car that you’re towing, smashes into another car. The vehicle that you damaged, that would be covered under your liability portion. However, the vehicle that you are towing,

the damage to that vehicle would be covered under the car-on-hook coverage. So, again, these three tow truck insurance coverage’s are mandatory in order to get your plates. Separately from that, you could have a situation, where you need an ICC authority.

For those towing companies that are required to carry ICC that would be primarily for re-locators or people who do repossession of cars, you are required to carry 750,000 dollar limits in order to satisfy the Illinois Congress Commission filing.

Here again, you’d have a garage liability policy insurance in Chicago, which would have to match those higher limits of 750,000. The car-on-hook coverage would be 25,000 minimum, also. Keep in mind, at any point, you could get higher limits if you chose, but these are the limits that are required in order for you to get your tow truck plates.

How to Remove a Drivers License Suspension on Sr22

Meet Sam. Sam recently got a DUI in Chicago. As a result, Sam’s license was suspended. Sam relies on his car to get him to work. Without it, there is significant strain on his marriage, as his wife, Carla, now has to drive him there and back. It’s bad enough that he got a DUI.

Sam told his buddy Bob about the DUI, the suspension, and Carla. Bob told Sam about SR22 Insurance. Once you have Chicago SR22 Insurance, the State of Illinois will remove the suspension. Problem solved!

He said a letter from the Illinois secretary of state will arrive soon telling him to get Chicago SR22 insurance. Sam thanked Bob for the advice. Bob said no problem – it happened to me a couple of years ago. I understand what you are going through.

And, by the way, you should call the folks at Urban Insurance. These guys are pros at cheapest SR22 Insurance in Chicago. They’ll make sure your SR22 Chicago filing is done right.

The quicker, the better – if you want to start driving again. Call them today at (312) 664-8088 and ask for Larry. He’s the owner – his Dad started Urban Insurance right here in Chicago, Illinois in 1960.

Who needs SR22 Insurance in Chicago

Well, there are many different ways of finding out if you need SR22 Chicago insurance. Obviously, the worst way is to be driving down the street, late at night, pulled over by a police officer, asked to see a copy of your license, and found your license is suspended, and end up spending the night in jail.

That’s the worst way to find out. Fortunately for most people, that’s not how they find out. More commonly, one goes to court and the judge will then order you to get a Chicago SR22, they will notify you at the time that your license requires that filing.

Another way that could happen is you receive a letter in the mail stating that you require to file by a certain time; and these are the more common ways people find out that this filing is needed. Once you find out, the best thing to do is to contact the agent, get that insurance in place, make sure that sr22 insurance Chicago filing is registered with the state of Illinois.

Again, this is why we file these electronically so we can verify that they’re actually in the computer system and not sitting on someone’s desk while they go on vacation for two weeks down in the secretary of state’s office.

We want to make sure that the sr22 filing is in place, the state knows it’s in place, we have verification that it’s in place and at that point you problem should be eliminated.

how long must i carry sr 22

Ideally, the State of Illinois should send an SR22 Insurance notice to you. It should be via mail; you should receive a letter.

I would strongly recommend you keep a copy of that SR22 Chicago letter in your file. Believe it or not, the Secretary of State’s been known to make mistakes.

We have actually had customers of ours who have contacted us, stating that they had spent the night in jail

because they were pulled over by the police, even though they knew that they had completed the SR22 insurance Chicago filing, the records did not confirm that.

They had no way to prove that, and they were either cited or arrested based on not having the insurance.

So it’s very important you keep a copy of that, notify your insurance agent of that,

so the agent could then remove the Chicago SR22 insurance from the insurance policy after they in fact confirm that you no longer need it.

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