Car Insurance in Chicago and Illinois Liability Limits

The purpose of liability car insurance in Chicago is to put a level of protection between you and financial loss that could happen as a result of an auto accident. Anytime you get behind the wheel of a car you have a substantial possibility of having a loss due to damage to someone’s person or Continue Reading

Tow Truck Insurance Requirements

First of all, let’s start with someone who does not need to file tow truck insurance with the Illinois Congress Commission. If you don’t, in which case you only need to meet the city and state requirements, that would be 500,000, combined single limit, for auto liability insurance Chicago. The second category would be garage Continue Reading

How to Remove a Drivers License Suspension on Sr22

Meet Sam. Sam recently got a DUI in Chicago. As a result, Sam’s license was suspended. Sam relies on his car to get him to work. Without it, there is significant strain on his marriage, as his wife, Carla, now has to drive him there and back. It’s bad enough that he got a DUI. Continue Reading

Who needs SR22 Insurance in Chicago

Well, there are many different ways of finding out if you need SR22 Chicago insurance. Obviously, the worst way is to be driving down the street, late at night, pulled over by a police officer, asked to see a copy of your license, and found your license is suspended, and end up spending the night Continue Reading

how long must i carry sr 22

Ideally, the State of Illinois should send an SR22 Insurance notice to you. It should be via mail; you should receive a letter. I would strongly recommend you keep a copy of that SR22 Chicago letter in your file. Believe it or not, the Secretary of State’s been known to make mistakes. We have actually Continue Reading

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